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A Note From Amanda Patterson

The number one reason many fail to start writing their book, or even reach a point of completion is a lack of clarity. That lack of clarity stems from a lack of planning. They fail to plan and therefore fail to finish... and therefore fail to publish. It's a chain effect that can be avoided so that your book writing process can be amplified. A book with a precise plan is 50% completed. The other half is in your hands (quite literally) when you take action in grabbing a pen or get to typing. For the only way to write a book is to WRITE IT!


Big Book Idea

Cutting it into Slices

I want you to think of your book idea as a big watermelon. In order for you to enjoy the juicy red meat of the watermelon you first have to cut it in slices. In the same way, in order for you to enjoy the writing process (and for your readers to digest your message) you must cut your book into slices. Many of us do not like the seeds of the watermelon and so we pick them out and throw them away. In this instance we are keeping the seeds. These seeds are the details of your book.

This is how you must breakdown your book from a whole concept to a slice of that concept to the seed (or details) of that concept.

If you’re able to do so successfully, then you’ll enter a phase of flow when writing your book.

My BOOK IDEA Planner is designed to help you get crystal clear on your chapter contents so that you can write with contentment.



This section focuses on your book's prelaunch. Ready your book to pitch publishers or to reach your audience through a solid promotion strategy.



Content is in a whole category of itself when it comes to writing a book. Afterall, your entire book's production depends on it. Content clarity is the aim!



Once you've started your book, how do you make progress? Keep track so that you can stay on track. An unfinished book is no book at all.

Gain the 3 C's

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 I’ve implemented my H.O.T method so that you’ll be prepared to pitch your book whether that be to your audience or publishers, outline it with ease and track your progress to sustain consistency.


Eating Watermelon on the Beach
Eating Watermelon on the Beach

The Watermelon Writer

A watermelon writer is able to go from seed to filling a need. We smash through the blocks of writing so that page-turners are published. We have unique messages, sensational stories and exceptional expertise to share with the world. We service our audience with words of inspiration, messages that make impact and personal stories that create change. Our work is planned and prioritized. Our word is our bond and our bond is our books and our books break bondages. They heal and help and give hope, no bandages necessary because our open books heal open wounds. Come with your lack and we give you our how to's; come with your pain and we tell you how to overcome; come with your fear and we lead the way to freedom; come with your story and we show you your glory. It's all in the books...the books that we write. Right?



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