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Amanda Inspirez


Her words calm the stirring soul, heal the broken heart, cradle the restless mind and fight for the cause of inspiration. With pen, paper and typewriter as weapons, she calls for a war on sadness, low self-esteem, lack of will and willpower, mediocrity, scarcity and just about any plague which hunts the destiny of mankind. She seeks to empower each one who hears her words to be still and still take charge of their destiny. A paradox you say? Well, what's life without that which provokes deeper thought? Deeper thinking is what this poetess envokes.


Amanda Patterson is a highly decorated poetess and spoken word performer of two anthologies: "Thoughts of Inspiration" and "101 Professions of Love". She is also the author of "7 Secret Steps to Success and Happiness", "Take Charge of Your Destiny: 90 Ways to a Better You" and "The Parrot and the Pauper". With other written works in the making such as anthologies, movie scripts, cookbooks, short stories and self-help books, her mission is clear - to give others direction to their destiny. 

Thoughts of Inspiration

Thoughts of Inspiration is a collection of
motivational poems and statements expressing the author’s aim to challenge the reader to extinguish the flames of life by practicing positive thinking.

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101 Professions of Love

101 Professions of Love is an anthology of 

beautifully written poetry.It shines a 

blinding light on the many ways we express, 

and as the title implies, "profess" our love for 

one another. It digs up and presents to the 

reader the treasure of the many forms that love takes.

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